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Christopher Soto

Pieles III: Libertad

Pieles III: Libertad

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Pieles III: Libertad, 32x22 inches, Mixed Media, Christopher Soto, 2024

"Skin" serves as a profound call to embrace self-love and embark on a journey of personal transformation. The artworks are portals to the profound exploration of self-discovery and healing. Each piece, inspired by real-life narratives, unveils the intricate interplay between individuals and underscores the imperative of embracing our authentic truth as a gateway to embracing ourselves fully.

Central to the thematic narrative of "Skin" is the symbolism of nudity, wielded as a potent metaphor for shedding the emotional burdens of yesteryears to carve a path toward a present brimming with hope and boundless possibilities. Just as our skin undergoes daily renewal, nourished by the life-giving essence of water, this exhibition implores us to nourish our souls, tend to our deepest wounds, and stride boldly into a luminous and promising future.

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