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Christopher Soto

Pieles II: Salacia [diosa del mar]

Pieles II: Salacia [diosa del mar]

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Salacia, 36x25 inches, Christopher Soto, Mixed Media, 2024

Discover the depth and serenity of the ocean at the “Skins” art exhibit, inspired by the powerful goddess of the sea, Salacia. According to Roman mythology, Salacia not only personifies the Mediterranean Sea, but is also the mother of marine creatures such as fish, dolphins and seals, bringing calm and peace to our lives. In the trilogy created by the visual artist Chris Soto, Salacia becomes the salt water that cleans and heals our wounds. Its waves embrace man, intervening to free us from our negative burdens and allow us to experience the freedom of our being. Immerse yourself in this visual experience that invites you to explore the connection between man and the sea, and to find healing and renewal in the depths of the ocean.

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