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Christopher Soto

Zeus First Sleep

Zeus First Sleep

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Christopher Soto Puerto Rico, 1986 Zeus First Sleep (2021) Mixed Media 36” x 48”

Sometimes we feel we are going through an endless nightmare in life, but there will always be a chance to wake up and overcome adversities. The artist inspiration on ancient Greek tales led him to create this painting. Hypnos, the god of sleep, put Zeus (King of gods) to sleep for two times by the order of his wife Hera (goddess of women and marriage). Hera unleashes her power over the ocean to assist Poseidon during the Trojan war. Each element of the painting attempts to represent each of the gods involved in this story. The gradient rectangle and gold details represent the power of Hypnos placing Zeus to sleep. The peacock feathers portray the influence of Hera over Hypnos decisions over her husband. Waves In the ocean is a signal of Hera’s success for unleashing her power over the ocean placing Hypnos to sleep.

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