Christopher Soto at ART EXPO New York City 2022

Christopher Soto at ART EXPO New York City 2022

Right after his art tour in Europe, Christopher Soto introduces his latest collection "Leaves: A Resilient Island" in New York City on April 7-10, 2022. With over 150 presenters, including Galleries, established and emerging artists this Art Expo was held in Pier 36 located in Manhattan. Christopher Soto was part of the "Solo Artists" presentations with over 50 emerging artists from around the world.

Leaves, the protagonist of this collection, often serve as a barometer indicating the health of the tree. They serve as a mechanism to diagnose whether a tree may or may not bear fruit and if the soil is providing nutrients for growth or traumas for stagnation. After Hurricane María ravaged his homeland of Puerto Rico in 2017, a once lush green landscape turned brown and barren; there were no leaves. 

For over a year, thousands of people were left without a home, without food, power and water. The losses were devastating, but the aftermath was worse; a gross mismanagement of federal relief funds deprived the island and its people of a desperately needed lifeline. One might say the hurricane stripped the trees, but corruption poisoned the soil.

Now Puerto Rico recovers as new leaves grow and slowly paint its mountains green. Soto’s newest work is a tribute to that renewal; he seeks to highlight the divinity he sees in trees and leaves as they bring new life and hope to his homeland still in the process of recovery.

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