Patterson Mansion hosts Art Expo in Washington, DC with emerging artist Christopher Soto

In Art Collection: Dreams, the artist, Christopher Soto highlights the dialectic between the fallibility of humanity and the divine. Drawing on inspiration from Greek mythology and his own dreams the artist invites you consider your own dreams. 
Each piece navigates the creative process while employing purpose, inspiration and symbolism as guiding principles.
Leveraging the stories of  Zeus, Hypnos, Pasithea’s, and Dionysus Soto wants to reminds us to be our authentic selves, that every dark night has a dawn, and that the universe is conspiring in our favor.  On this midsummer night we invite you to walk among gods, and to explore the synchronicity of your own DREAMS and the divine. 

Chris Soto is a local DC artist born and raised in Puerto Rico. He has won multiple national art competitions and has received prestigious accolades for his remarkable creativity. Recently, he had artwork exhibited in the U.S. Capitol building, located in the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. Also, his artwork has surfaced in various art galleries in the nation, as well as abroad; to include California, Canada, and Shanghai, China. His artwork was selected to be exhibited in the DC Art Expo “Hello Again”; spearheaded by the Lincoln Motor Company which helped him to acquire the RAW Visual Artist of the Year Award 2013. Chris has a unique eye for color and a love for creating upbeat paintings. His new inspiration in painting relies on the significance of dreams. Inspired by Greek ancient tales, his recent paintings reflect the resemblance of Greek gods mixed with scenes of his own dreams.